handcrafted earrings and necklace set, meticulously designed for the fashion-forward woman who craves a touch of timeless elegance.

Mi Morse Code


      I created this Morse Code work because of all the miscommunication that is happening around us. So much fake news and with AI now things will only get worse. I find it very distressing. There is no trust anymore and everyone seems to be very ungrounded.

      These pieces all have very simple messages like Joy, joie, freedom , peace, love, etc.

      You cannot miscontrue this language. 

      I also think it would be fun to custom make some pieces. You could let me know what you would like the piece to say. 

      I have created earrings, necklaces, and some bracelets with secrect morse code messages. The messages or written in silicone tubing and beads.