A 112cm Loopt necklace/bracelet in fine black and flat gold coloured aluminum wire.
A 112cm Loopt necklace/bracelet in navy with thin silver and black coloured aluminum wire.
This is a 112cm Loopt in fine black and white cord with a mix of flat and thin silver aluminum wire.
Arvi is wearing a 170cm Loopt necklace 3x around the neck and the same piece worn as a  bracelet.
Beverly is wearing 2 112cm Loopt necklaces. Both in fine taupe cord. One with flat bronze wire and mixed neutral coloured beads and the other in mixed thin wire. Beverly is also wearing thin bronze Loopt earrings.
Arvi is wearing 170cm Loopt necklace/bracelet in heavy cord with thin black wire with mixed coloured beads, worn 4x around her neck. She is also wearing matching Loopt earrings in thin black.
Arvie is wearing a 170cm Loopt in heavy cord with thin black wire with mixed coloured beads as a bracelet. She is also wearing thin black Loopt earrings.
Loopt Necklace/Bracelets 44"
Loopt Necklace/Bracelets 44"
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Loopt Necklace/Bracelets 44"

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This a a very versatile necklace and bracelet. There so many vartiations that can be made and too many to list here. The choices are fine or heavy cord, all different colour of cord but also all the variations in wire, colour and type. They come in 2 different lengths, 170cm or 112cm. The longer ones gives you more options as a necklace and has more wire bling. Both are made to also be worn as a bracelet. You must unfasten the necklace first before looping around your neck or wrist. You can move the wire blingy bits to where ever you want them to be. You can create many different looks with this one piece. It also looks great when you add 2 together or pair with other Loopt pieces. They can be dressed up or down.