About Mi


I have worked as a craftsperson for over 30 years. After graduating from the Theater Arts Program at the University of Guelph, I studied glass at Sheridan College in the Craft and Design Program. During my school years, I worked creating and designing silk scarves for my family business.

I was a co-founder of the the Hot Glass studio, Glen Williams Glass. Working for 10 years as a glass artist, I was always creating jewellery on the side. Selling my wire jewellery in our showroom and creating jewellery for weddings and special occassions.

When I became pregnant with twins, I knew I needed to switch gears. Happy to spend more time developing my jewellery as well as this medium let me practise out of my home.

Since, I have spent my time exploring and discovering the world of jewellery where I am endlessly inspired.

I use an assortment of materials to make my jewellery. A mix of different wires and a variety of beads, industrial pieces, cording, silicone and rubber tubing are some materials used in my current work.

I find my inspiration in the everyday, the natural and the manufactured world around me; where the banal intersects with the extraordinary. I am passionate about colour, line and form. Communication and connection are the base of my work and the reason I create. My recent work recalls imagery of hydro wires, poetically, metaphorically and almost quite literally. Over the past years, I have taken common materials and elevated them to uncommon grounds. I make my jewellery for everyone, young, old and all genders.

 We are all connected as I see it and Jewellery helps me tangibly connect to you. This online version of my art practise and business is new to Mi and I am excited that my work will make it's way onto a body I may never meet. I am sending you a small touchstone.

If you are ever in Guelph, On send me a message to come to my studio. I love seeing people in person. Cheers!