About Each Collection

The Loopt Collection: 

This is a collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They all match and look great layered together or all on their own. This collection is gender neutral and many of my male friends have doned many of these products. Loopt is also liked by many different ages, young, old and all in-between.

Once Made Collection:

Mostly I make one off pieces. I do have a few collections like Loopt, Tubulars, Reels where I can repeat pieces. But often I go on a tangent, making a series of things but there is only 1 of each and every piece. I can't seem to help it...I love working that way. It keeps things really fresh and exciting for me and keeps me at my best. Although it makes it really difficult to set up an online store.  
Lately I have been working in a series called "communication and connecting". I have been exploring different ways to connect my materials together. Playing with different materials and finding new ways of doing things. I have been inspired by hydro wires and how they connect all of our communication and inturn connect us. I have been exploring these ideas metaphorically, physically and quite literally. 
 This work stems from my roots as a wire jewellery artist. I have been known for making intricate wire collage work for many years. You can see the foundations of this in my current jewellery. All based in fluidity of line, balance of form and colour.
For many years, I made a lot of wedding jewellery which I still make every once in a while. Customers still love the small delicate earrings and the pendants. It's nice for me now to switch gears and make this work from time to time, it's grounding and meditative.  

 These bold necklaces find connections between line, colour and balance. They have been inspired by my "communication and connection" series

Netted Cable Connect Bracelets:

These are fun, interesting bracelets that combine different textures, colours and beads to create a very unique pieces. Inspired by my ongoing series of connection and communication.